got beef? Trademark on mugs cups and housewares

Got Beef? ®The got beef? slogan is trademarked in several class codes, and for this reason use on Cups, Mugs, and some Housewares without licensing means you may be subject to trademark infringement.

got beef mug

Commonly Covered Items

The Trademark includes household items such as mugs and cups. It also encompasses kitchen utensils, containers, brushes, and some earthenware and glassware.  Other items may be included.

Not Sure About Your Items?

You can contact the Trademark Owners to see if your item is subject to Trademark Licensing.

For Cups, Mugs and Housewares it is  Licensed under Serial Number 86057748 and Registration Number  4536657 . Status is Active.

Registered under International Class Code 21 and United States Codes 002, 013, 023, 029, 030, 033, 040, and 050

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